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wander soundly

How can we follow one's scent?
Of existence. Of past held dear
that wondered just how far it could travel.
For years.
There's something trailing about my aura.
I have ceased to notice it,
But it clings to everything I touch.
Much less temporary than I'd expect.
I can't fathom its impact,
For it's far too broad to see.
The tangibility of my wanting if it, cannot be.


Take the fullness of this moment,
Connect it to its start,
Where feet before it traveled,
And the nameless made their mark.
Teach me. Let me follow.
Give me into the momentum of life.
Walking trustfully into the air of others' pasts,
Ones we have not met, will never acknowledge,
I crave some sort of archive
A carving in the rock,
Alongside the ones who knew the thing,
before these sounds could talk.
A record of my living
If only in my mind.
Pass. Find.
I want to journey madly in my future left behind
Follow me there. Trust my wavering want.
Take this impact from me and direct it


I shan't be gripping tightly
I need to let it go
Lead this wander somewhere
That I may never know

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