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An MFA in Costume Design Thesis by Kelsey Vidic

Cinematography by: Eloise Santa Maria

Live Performance by: Kelsey Oliver

Projected Pre-Recorded Performance by Kelsey Vidic

Sound by: Joe Cornelison

Collaborators: Emily Wolfe, Christine Gwillim, Chris Conard, Alex Hanna, Jon Haas, Kimberly Belflower, Drew Paryzer

Performed in 2017 in the Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, TX

I find my seed in belonging;

I find my intention within the

paradox of “being” versus “longing.”

Through my journey to India,

I observed that I feel most comfortable

when I am adrift.

Within the culminating installation,

there is a focus on contrast and

how that embodies true calmness.

Shunryu Suzuki says,

“Calmness of mind does not mean

you should stop your activity.

Real calmness should be found in activity itself.”

Using this intimately immense concept

while focusing on the contrast it naturally creates,

this performative installation is

my visual journey of be-longing.

On Display

Performed by Body Shift

On Display: Austin 2017
A Movement Installation choreographed by Heidi Latsky

Body Shift remounted On Display on a group of local people of diverse abilities, ages and ethnicities interested in taking part in this global initiative.

About On Display:
We've always been taught not to stare; not to look at someone deeply because it might offend them; that if someone "different" catches our eye we have objectified them. This is the life of the viewer.  Alternatively, should we possess a birthmark, a glorious height, or unknown disability we risk being too noticeable and often ostracized or worse. This is the life of the viewed.

In both lives there is a harsh limitation where one does not have the time to see beyond mere characteristics and the other cannot be seen as anything but other.  How can we possibly create a safer space for both to really look?

On Display Austin is the local platform of an annual worldwide initiative On Display Global that evolved out of Heidi Latsky Dance's partnership with the NYC Mayor's Office and the UN in celebration of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. It is a sculpture court where the performers are the sculptures.

"On Display" at the UN: a dance project by Heidi Latsky 

For more info about Body Shift, visit:

This installation took place on International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3rd, 2017 at the Blanton Museum in Austin, TX

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