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While You Were Away


‘while you were away’ (15:54min) is an interdisciplinary piece intersecting film and performance. The film immerses the performers as an uncanny mirror of the collapsing bodies, at times reflecting those on stage and at times revealing what they are not and what they could be; what is not there and what could be there. Images of absence create distance between the performers, making visible the poetics of loneliness.

Directed and designed by Lucy Kerr

Choreographed by Lucy Kerr in collaboration with the dancers

Danced by Arantxa Araujo, Kristen DeLillo, Mckenzie Chen, Kenny Frechette, Mario Galeano, Elyse Desmond, Hillary Richerson, and Kelsey Oliver

Music by Paul Sara

Cinematography by Carmen Hilbert

Edited by Paul Sara, Lucy Kerr, and Ryan Shuler


Performed in Houston, Texas February 2017 as a part of The MATCH Houston

I Feel The Earth MOve

Direction by Lucy Kerr

Design by Lucy Kerr and Allie Lane 

Choreography by Lucy Kerr in collaboration with the performers

Performed by Arantxa Araujo Toca, Mario Galeano, Elyse Desmond, Kristen DeLillo, Mckenzie Chen, Kenny Frechette, and Lucy Kerr

Ambient soundscape by Jonathan Valdez


I Feel The Earth Move exists as series of site-specific performance and sculpture installation that make tangible a multiplicity of dynamics in relationships. Seven figures perform for an hour on top of a blanket of mulch. They embrace and conflict with one another in a constant flux of interdependence and destabilization. This piece was performed on the streets of Williamsburg as part of SOAK in the Summer 2016, at the Brooklyn Museum on September 15th as part of the 2016 BEAT Festival and it was also performed at IDIO Gallery on October 1st as part of Bushwick Open Studios. 


This iteration of the piece was performed at MILK + Cereal in Austin, Texas, a gallery housed inside a spacious historic home. There is two performances, one at sunset and one after sunset, created to be in conversation with the unique possibilities of the space and the changes in light over time. The shifts in time of day coincides with the trajectory of the piece, speaking to the delicate, ephemeral, and fleeting temporal nature of the medium of performance. 

Performed in Austin, Texas February 2017 at MILK + Cereal ATX

I helped assist and photograph this iteration.

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