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Ruba ReDucks

Music : Marc Rebillet

Choreographer : Betty Mansion

Dancers : Betty Mansion, Veronique Lemonnier, Sarah Magassa, Kelsey Oliver, Ellen Houck, Gabriel Goux, Alessio Sutera, Pierre Lamour, Jérôme De Meûter

Videographer : Luca Fernandez

Réalisé avec l'aide de la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, Service de la Danse

A Film by Frank Wo/Men Collective

Performance and Choreography by:

Kelsey Oliver, Alexa Capareda, Erica Saucedo, Travis Tate, Roberto Di Donato, Walter Nichols, Cassie Reveles

Music by: Walter Nichols

Wardrobe by: Aaron Flynn & Kelsey Oliver

Cinematography by: Taylor Kokas

Gaffer: Stephen Laughrun

Produced by: Kelsey Oliver & Joseph Cornelison

Directed and Edited by: Joseph Cornelison

Titles Designed by: Chris Conard

Special Thanks: Aduro Film

Feeding Time

a Tori+Kelsey collab

choreo, costumes, make-up, script, performance by

Kelsey Oliver

cinematography, cameo, food props, black box installation by Tori Reynolds

set design, prop making, video editing by both of us

music by Todrick Hall

special thanks to KD Kinetic, Alec Simonsen, Hunter Brown, Unbounded, Aaron Flynn

initially created for The Reverie - a queer cirque variety show


a Tori+Kelsey+Nino collab

movement & costume: Kelsey Oliver

cinematography, set design, & video editing: Tori Reynolds

headpiece installed by both of us

original music by Nino Soberon

special thanks to KD Kinetic & Kevin Armstrong

initially created for The Reverie - a queer cirque variety show

Who Wears The Pants?

a Tori+Kelsey collab

created and performed by Kelsey Oliver and Tori Reynolds cinematography by Tori Reynolds

video edited by Kelsey Oliver

colorized by Tori Reynolds

special thanks to Emmet Hunker

initially created for Thee Gay Agenda's Pride in Thee Gayberhood - a kid friendly virtual pride show!

"ME" compilation

Mask, Music, and Prompt by: Todd Mein

Design, Tasks, and Movement by: Kelsey Oliver

Cinematography by: Tori Reynolds

Video Editing by: Kelsey Oliver

Videos made for The Todd Show - Fusebox Festival 2020

Red Room

Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 3.01.17 PM.png

a Tori+Kelsey collab

set design, performance, props, video editing by both of us cinematography by Tori Reynolds

costume curation by Kelsey Oliver, w/ many pieces from Tori, & cherry earrings by @browngaljewelry

music by Feder ft. Lyse

special thanks to KD Kinetic & Alec Simonsen

special toy (because yall ask) by Forbidden Fruit

initially created for The Reverie - a queer cirque variety show

(please request access to view)

This CathArtic BOdy

movers: Dannon O’Brien & Kelsey Oliver

camera work by: Sarah Navarrete & Erick Yanez

edited and soundscaped by: Kelsey Oliver



a Tori+Kelsey collab

performance, costume crafting, script, video editing by

Kelsey Oliver

cinematography by Tori Reynolds

cameo by Pepper & Benicio

music by Doja Cat ft. Rico Nasty

Bearded Lady dreams and help by KD Kinetic

purple layover & homemade chaps by Bumper

hair mentor + donor: Kelsey Vidic

special thanks to Daniel Sullivan

initially created for The Reverie - a queer cirque variety show

(please request access to view)

grid pc:

mask by Todd Mein

cinematography by Tori Reynolds

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