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Us Kids Are Alone In The House

Magdalena Jarkowiec, street artist and choreographer, creates a new evening length dance at the beloved Salvage Vanguard that incorporates her original soft sculpture into its set and costume design and that provides an old-fashioned opportunity for audience feedback. It draws upon that childhood experience of being let loose into one’s own authority– within a space that is invested with the authority of others– as a lens to examine analogous psychological experiences in our adult lives and minds.

Choreography, Costume Design, and Set Design by Magdalena Jarkowiec

Danced by Alexa Capareda, Felicia McBride, Kelsey Oliver, and Sara Paul

Lighting Design by Natalie George

Projection Design by Eliot Fisher

Filmed by Zach Khoo and Jonathan Jackson

This piece was performed in March 2016 at the Salvage Vanguard Theater in Austin, Texas

read Austin Chronicle write-up here

In Here

In Here - reel
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In Here is conceived as a fleeting sculpture; two brightly clad dancers perform a short movement work entirely within a brightly carpeted box. The work is viewable only by peering into the space via one of four windows on each wall of the box. In bursts of exuberant and athletic movement, the dancers collaborate with their unique enclosure to produce an abstract visual spectacle of colors and geometries. The placement of the spectators, peering through windows into a private and inaccessible space, evokes the experience of peering into a dollhouse and reshuffles the common bodily relationship of dancer to spectator. Both parties assume a different vulnerability than is common, as well as a different power. The experience of the work lies between installation and typical dance performance: the dancers will spend several hours in their box, changing clothes, drinking water, and performing the work repeatedly as different groups of strangers file in and out.

Choreographer and Designer: Magdalena Jarkowiec

Co-choreographers and performers: Kelsey Oliver and Alexa Capareda

Lighting Design by Chris Conard

Master Electrician: Jacqueline Sindelar
Video Production: Jonathan H Jackson

Reel Editing: Kelsey Oliver

This piece was presented as a part of Fusebox Festival April 2018 at the Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, Texas.

Sponsored in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department and the ARCOS Foundation for the Arts

read Austin Chronical write-up here

Overseas Phone Call, 1987


This work is a portrait in space and motion of conversations Jarkowiec’s family had in Socialist-era Poland as they spoke over a landline: the exuberant hellos; the assessing of the connection; the talking of young to old, and then the serious conversations between contemporaries that followed; the parade of characters that would be summoned to the phone; and lastly, the protracted good byes. Through sculptural costuming and specific rhythms, this work examines the separation of families, the structures that aggravate distance, and the state of technology, all of which at any moment can define that distance in specific ways.

​Choreography by Magdalena Jarkowiec in collaboration with the dancers

Performed by Alexa Capareda, Magdalena Jarkowiec, Kelsey Oliver, and Lisa del Rosario


Performed June 2017 in Austin, TX as a part of Performa/Dance

grid pc:

design by Magda Jarkowiec

photo by Zach Khoo

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