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An indulgent self-expression on one wo/man’s fress mess, pp is an absurdist dance theatre piece processing maternalism, ownership, kink, cats, and categorization. Audience interactive in campfire style intimacy - prepare for nudity.

created and performed by Kelsey Oliver

added musical tracks by Dead Animal & Bragglights
produced by Salvage Vanguard Theater for their Oct 2019 Three Headed Festival

curator & producer: Kate Taylor

production manager: Anna Eisley

lighting engineering: Natalie George Productions

sound engineer: James Parker

technical director: Zac Crafford

stage manager: Daniel Sullivan

assistant stage manager/props boss: Emily Scott

set and lighting assistance: Chris Conard

box office manager: Kelli Bland

special thanks to: Sydney Wright, Chip Dolan, KD Kinetic, Aaron Flynn, Jamie Massaro, March Feedbackers

runtime ~90 min

Originally performed in my living room March 2019

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