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Land of the Innocent

Speedracer by CAPYAC

Direction: HELMUT studio

Assistant Direction: Jinni J

Choreography: Billie Secular

Dancers: Kelsey Oliver, Paige Swanson, Hunter Sturgis, Tessa Hunt

Yellow Suit Soloist Dancer: KD Kinetic

Art Direction: HELMUT, Jinni J, CAPYAC

Austin Music Video Festival named "Bubblegum" the Best Austin Video 2017

Bubblegum (feat. KD Kinetic) by CAPYAC

Directed and edited by Urzulka for HELMUT Studio

Choreography: Kelsey Oliver (I also performed in this work alongside D'lonte Lawson)

Cinematography: Ryan Ramsey

Coloring: Alex Winker

Art Direction: Juliana Ramirez & HELMUT studio

Styling: Margaret Bechtold

Vada jewelry HMU: Delaney Harper

Production Assistant: Jacob Weber

Location: HELMUT studio

for cast credits visit the youtube link above

Plans by Xy!o

Directed by Lauren Bruno

Movement Direction by Kelsey Oliver

Creative/Technical team: Michael, Rodgers, Jessie Rodriguez, Elise Moltz, Christopher Owings, Colton Bostick

for more info on credits, ask Shape Agency

Miles by Christelle Bofale

Directors: Christelle Bofale & Urzulka

Producer: Jenni Kaye

Cinematographer: Hannah Barker

Lighting Designer: Jinni J

Art Director: Katie Broyles

Stylist: Dé Randle & Summer Bernas

Grip: Gavin Cantrell

Movement Director: Kelsey Oliver

Make Up: Xylina Cardiel

Production Assistants: Michael Ghossainy & Logan Nelson Colorist: Chris Rusch & Urzulka

Location: Dandy Sounds

Cast: Jason Ikpatt, Eileen Wu ,Wendy Guerrero, Yvonne Goodwyne, Montsho Thoth,  Kendra Sells


Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 7.58.31 PM.png


You Can Stay by Sydney Wright

Creative Direction//Styling//Editing - Nina Hawkins

Director//Producer - Lauren Bruno

Editing - Don Ray

Production Design- Elise Moltz

Hair/Makeup - Mariana Davila

Colorist- Huephoric

DP//Creative Direction - Michael Rodgers

Choreography - Kelsey Oliver

Dancers- Diane Liu, Mackenzie Palmer, Kelsey Oliver, Charlotte Yun

for more info on credits, look at youtube link above

Tenderfoot by Sydney Wright

Co-directed and shot by Kala Media and Jacob Weber

Co-directed and produced by Sydney Wright

Edited by Jacob Weber

Wardrobe Design + Creative Direction - Danielle Sheperd

Hair Design - Savannah Johnson

Hair maintenance - George Clark

Make-up Artist - Jonathan Krugman

Choreography - Kelsey Oliver

Cast - Tom Chants, Kelsey Oliver, Kevin Armstrong , Ciceley Fullylove, Brittany Malm, Sydney Wright

for more info on credits, look at youtube link above

You Can Stay


Land of the Innocent by Feathers

Directed and Produced by: Allie Avital Tsypin

Associate Producer: Vesper Magazine

Cinematography: Owen Donovan

Production Design: Steven Grisé

Art Direction and Stylist: Star Lee/Dog & Pony

Costume Designer: Harrison Koiwai

Gaffers: Jake Bayless and Derek Weikel

Cast: Christine Aprile, Harper Hunt, Rachel Hunt, Kelsey Oliver, Kate Kislingbury & Feathers

Blue and Gold

Blue and Gold by Mother Falcon

Dancers: Dannon O'Brien and Kelsey Oliver

for more info on credits, ask Mother Falcon

Johnny Be Goode by Caleb De Casper

Director - Angela Herr

Creative Director - Keith Womak

Director of Photography - Hannah Varnell

Executive Producer - Ivy Chiu

Executive Producer - Caleb De Casper

Choreography - Kelsey Oliver

Dancers - Caleb De Casper, Kevin Armstrong, Ciceley Fullylove

for more info on credits, look at youtube link above


Johnny Be Goode

grid pc:

still from Speedracer

(credits listed above)

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