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Dresses with Catheter 2017

Upcoming performance:

an interactive physical theatre performance
by Frank Wo/Men Collective

Tiskettasket, a one-act, full-sensory production, is an interactive physical theatre show centered around multi-purposing food. In a series of overlapping vignettes, this performance channels absurdity in many forms, allowing the audience to engage head-deep in fruitful, full-bodied episodes of goof.

Artistic Collaborators: Kelsey Oliver, Alexa Capareda, Derek Kolluri, Kim Stacy, Joe Davis, Mario Ramirez, Panda Landa, Robert di Donato 

Technical Director/Set & Lighting Designer: Chris Conard

Costume Curators/Designers: Kelsey Vidic & E.L. Hohn

Stage Manager: Joshua Secor

Assistant Stage Manager: Jacob Caire

Tiskettasket invites the audience to choose aspects of their experience by giving them each a basket, and allowing them to select which compostable foods they would like to fill their baskets with. These foods will be used in every vignette, engaging the audience in directives that encourage them to create the soundscape for one scene, hurl fistfuls of mush in the next, and experience crafty, 4D interactive companionship with the performers throughout the evening.

Each show will be followed by an after-party including artistic work from other mix-discipline artists throughout Austin, Texas.


Facebook event:

Tickets are $10-20 sliding scale:
and $20 at the door for standing room only

Donations can be made to:

--This space is wheelchair accessible--

Mother Falcon music video

Arlin Busano Film Project

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