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Frank Wo/Men Collective is a group of fresh, multitalented emerging theatre and dance artists based in Austin and New York City. The collective evolves project to project, crossbreeding different assemblages of talent and enthusiasm with each collaborative new work. The artists of Frank Wo/Men Collective co-produce a multitude of forward-thinking pieces which are at times fervid, humorous, or idiosyncratic.

I am Artistic Director and 1 of 4 Co-Producers of this collective. Here is our work:


Performed @ Motion Media Arts Center in Austin, TX November 2018


Rick Said So is an eerie absurdist 75 minutes of physical theatre. Through cycles of dexterous movement, surreal images, candidly intimate monologues, and original live music, Rick Said So follows themes of what compels us as humans, ultimately essaying the absurdity of existence.

In Rick Said So, “Rick” (who/whatever Rick is) becomes a metaphor for a multitude—internal impulses and external forces that drive decision-making toward an eventual and yet undefined endpoint. At times suspenseful and at times nutty, Rick Said So highlights the exemplary and the mundane through physicality and text, venturing into human cognition with pleasantly shocking doses of perspective.

CO-PRODUCERS: Kelsey Oliver, Alexa Capareda, Chris Conard, & Roberto Di Donato

CO-DIRECTORS/PERFORMERS: Kelsey Oliver & Roberto Di Donato​

ARTIST-COLLABORATORS/PERFORMERS: Alexa Capareda, Erica Saucedo, Khali Sykes, & Travis Tate

MUSICIANS/PERFORMERS: Urban Eisley & Walter Nichols


SOUND ENGINEER: Nathan Patterson

FILM ARTIST: Joe Cornelison



Frank Wo/Men Collective is fiscally sponsored by Salvage Vanguard Theater and this project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.


Performed in July 2017 in Austin, TX

Tiskettasket, a one-act, full-sensory production, invites the audience to choose aspects of their experience by giving them each a basket, and allowing them to select which compostable foods they would like to fill their baskets with. These foods are used in every vignette, engaging the audience in directives that encourage them to create the soundscape for one scene, hurl fistfuls of mush in the next, and experience crafty, 4D interactive companionship with the performers throughout the evening.

Co-Produced by Kelsey Oliver, Alexa Capareda, Chris Conard, Robert Di Donato

Co-Directed by Kelsey Oliver and Derek Kolluri

Long-Distance Artistic Collaborator: Robert Di Donato

Technical Direction, Graphic Design, Set Design, and Light Design by Chris Conard

PR and Food Gathering Direction by Alexa Capareda


Performers/Artistic Collaborators: Joe Davis, Derek Kolluri, Kelsey Oliver, Alexa Capareda, Mario Ramirez, Panda Landa

Special Guest: Aundre Wesley

Costume Curation and Design by Kelsey Vidic and E.L. Hohn

Sound Engineered by Nathan Patterson

Stage Managed by Josh Secor and Jacob Caire

Here is a slew of Tiskettasket teasers that I edited, filmed by Joe Cornelison, in collaboration with the Frankies:

Tiskettasket Teasers

Tiskettasket Teasers

Tiskettasket Teasers
Tiskettasket Infomercial

Tiskettasket Infomercial

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Celly Welly -- Tiskettasket Teaser

Celly Welly -- Tiskettasket Teaser

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Splash Zone -- Tiskettasket Teaser

Splash Zone -- Tiskettasket Teaser

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Loose Gravel

Performed in January 2017 @ Topology in Austin, TX

Co-Produced by Kelsey Oliver, Alexa Capareda, Chris Conard, Robert Di Donato

Artistically Directed by Kelsey Oliver

Assistant Artistic Director - Robert Di Donato

PR and Marketing Director - Alexa Capareda

Technical Direction, Graphic Design, Set Design, and Light Design by Chris Conard


Performers/Artistic Collaborators: Robert Di Donato, Kelsey Oliver, Alexa Capareda, Dannon O'Brien, Mario Ramirez, Hunter Sturgis

Artistic Collaborators: Erica Saucedo, Cimone

Costume Curation by E.L. Hohn

Stage Manager/Sound Board Operater - Josh Secor

Community Outreach by Cimone