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Sarah Loucks produces her plays and other nonsense under the name MouthRadio in Austin, Texas with collaborators from Austin and beyond. 

MouthRadio creates dynamic, weird, upsetting, joyful live performance. We are committed to developing work by young artists with a focus on experimentation and underrepresented voices. We're dedicated to rigor and dedicated to falling apart. We're dedicated to you, our audience. 

Here is one of their works I have collaborated on:

Crave Blue

A mermaid exhibition. A strange lake. Ice cream in multiple flavors. MouthRadio presents Crave Blue, a new play by Sarah Loucks, directed by Ann Marie Dorr. Part roadside attraction, part dark comedy, Crave Blue follows a group of West Texas women who dress up as mermaids to pay the bills. Conspiracy and desire collide when a man claims to see a real life mermaid in the lake. As tourists pollute the town, three minimum-wage mermaids must risk everything to uncover the secrets within the lake, and the secrets within each other.

Inspired by Balmorhea, TX, a town whose waterways are threatened by oil companies, Crave Blue is a surreal and gritty look at environmentalism and the feminine mystique in the heart of West TX. Crave Blue received developments at The VORTEX (2016) and Porterspace in NYC (2017)

Written by Sarah Loucks

Directed by Ann Marie Dorr

Choreographed by Kelsey Oliver

Sound Design by Shawn Jones

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