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The Theorists
Hiraeth | 2017 Trailer
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Theorist Fest 2017
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We've Been Here Before
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(artist credits on vimeo link of each video)

Our Vision

The Theorists (under AM Arts) are artist/citizens collaborating internationally to create multi-disciplinary homegrown art in Austin, because people matter and places matter.

We create performance art and have collaborated with a painter, physicist, poet, journalist, musician, aerialist, rock climber, nurse, cinematographer, inter-disciplinary artist, database architect, and we are all quite fond of dancing. We bridge gaps by asking "What if" and while we aim to inspire people of all backgrounds, ages, and cultures, we have never claimed nor have intended to, understand everything. Rather, we create to search for moments of feeling understood.

Our Practices

We believe in specialized cross-training. We study Classical Ballet, Gaga, Countertechnique®, Gyrokinesis®, and toolbox these methodologies. Beginning with ourselves, we are agents of change. It is our goal to synthesize techniques to amplify each artist’s voice in relationship to the community. We are dedicated to equip dancers with efficient tools under the mentorship of specialized teachers through choreographic laboratories that explore movement methodologies.

TBX [ Toolbox Series ]

TBX [ Toolbox Series ] provides specialized workshops for creative artists & residencies for choreographers to enliven their personal practice and expand their professional market. We uniquely craft each TBX session for artists and participants and each culminates with a community event to further our mission as artist/citizens.

For more info on upcoming residencies and how you can sign up, click here.

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