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Not Every Mountain

Not Every Mountain Trailer March 2017
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So – it’s like this. We will gather to build a mountain using pulleys, cranks, magnets and string. We will shift your sense of scale again and again with simple magic – fly over the mountains, relax in the hidden valleys.

Come enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience with original landscapes designed by Thomas Graves, original soundscapes and music by Peter Stopschinski. A meditative litany by Kirk Lynn. Leave your cell phones on, let us borrow a few of them to light the mountains, to play bird songs and thunder as the rain comes through, to record the clouds.

If you want a play about characters: stay away, this is not that play.

If you want a mellow meditation on change, permanence and our place in the natural world, please be our guests.

created by Rude Mechs
text by Kirk Lynn
set design by Thomas Graves
sound design and original music composed by Peter Stopschinski
costume design by Aaron Flynn
lighting design by Brian H Scott
design and technical direction by Pete Dahlberg
props by Derek Kolluri
production stage manager Jasmine Kurys
crew Alex Suha and Tyler Kosmak
master electrician David Higgins
carpenters Zach Miranda, Matt Zapata

Performances by Eva Claycomb, Pete Dahlberg, Thomas Graves, Kevin Jacaman, Alexandra Bassiakou Shaw, Jennifer Kidwell, Derek Kolluri, Kirk Lynn, Kelsey Oliver, and Panda Landa

Workshop iterations performed:

Premiere in Austin,TX March/April 2017

Chicago as a part of Pivot Arts Festival June 2018

Minneapolis at the Guthrie Theater July 2018

How Rude Mechs Built a ‘Mountain’ to Scale

The Austin-based company bid farewell to their home base, the Off Center, with an irreverent ode to impermanence.


"...Not every mountain is bigger above ground than below.

Not every mountain is able to achieve perfect laziness.

Not every mountain wants a song written about it.

Not every mountain wants to be crushed up and packed into little capsules so it can be sold by some traveling carnival snake-oil salesman and taken as a daily pill to increase our longevity.

Not every mountain gets it.


-Kirk Lynn

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